Genuine Leather Replica PurseBlog Asks: Would You Dive into the Céline Big Bag?

Living up to its name and beyond, the Céline Big Bag is not just big—it’s huge.

The Céline Big Bag has been on our radar for months, and since its debut, I’ve wondered if it might one day steal my heart as much as the Luggage Tote and Belt Bag once did. The Luggage Tote has since moved off of my want list, and though I still lust after owning a Belt Bag, I wondered if there were a chance I would want the Big Bag more. So, naturally I had to get my hands on the Big Bag for myself. Upon first glance I realized that the Big Bag isn’t just big, it’s huge. To be more specific, I’m talking about the Medium Big Bag (weird, I know), although we did get a chance to see the Small Big Bag too–again, weird, I know.

For Spring 2018, The Medium Big Bag is available in a beautiful spring palette, and I’m particularly obsessed with the baby blue hue of this suede bag. When the Medium Big Bag is full, it’s not really full at all. I kept stuffing and stuffing the bag with all of my belongings, and no matter how much I jammed in there, there was still room to add more. That being said, if the bag isn’t totally full, it does have a tendency to look a bit sloppy, which is why I much preferred the Small Big Bag. The Medium Big Bag has one interior zip pocket and a belt buckle closure. It’s hard to get in and out of on the move, so this bag isn’t really ideal for the girl on the go. The suede is really beautiful, and the bag itself is lined in suede too. Overall, it is well-made and luxurious and would be best used for a travel bag versus a day-to-day bag. The dimensions of the Medium Big Bag are 13″ x 13″ x 11.” The Medium Big Bag retails for $4,050 and is available via Céline.

My favorite of the Big Bags is definitely the Small Big Bag with the attached long shoulder strap, in supple grained calfskin. The leather version is a bit more structured than its suede sister and looks less slouchy even when it’s not completely stuffed. I love the bright red hue of this bag. It’s a show-stopper and a bag that I would definitely carry day to day.

The Small Big Bag features an attached long strap, and like its larger counterpart, it also has one interior zipped pocket. While it’s also fairly difficult to get in an out of, as the belt buckle closure is the same, its size makes it ideal for an everyday bag. Overall dimensions of the Small Big Bag are 9″ x 10″ x 9,” which retails for $2,550 via Céline. Though I do really like this bag, I’m still not sure if it beats the Belt Bag on my want list. So tell me, PurseBloggers, what do you think of the Big Bag? Would you dive into the Céline Big Bag?

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